How to win double miles on your business trips with Olympic Air

How to win double miles on your business trips with Olympic Air

Did it ever occurred to you, with your business miles card, a trip’s miles points to be charged either on your company’s or your employee’s card or vice versa? Now Olympic Air gives the opportunity to charge the miles on both Company’s and employee’s cards! In other words your frequent flyers miles are been charged twice! Read bellow how in couple steps you can be part of this fantastic program.

What is Business on Board (BoB) ? Business on Board (BoB) is the corporate program of Olympic Air, which rewards all companies in Greece and internationally. Its core objective is to offer distinctive privileges and services to all companies as well as their executives on their business trips with Olympic Air and also to reward each employee separately.

The enrolment to Business on Board (BoB) is free of charge. Through an easy and simple procedure, your company will be able to earn and redeem miles which can be spent in free tickets for any destination of Olympic Air network. It is a user friendly program, with no hidden terms and conditions.  Business on Board (BoB) will help you manage in a smart way the trips of your company.

Your benefit from Business on Board (BoB) is double. As a member of Travelair Club, you and your colleagues will also earn miles at your personal cards and choose from a variety of high quality services and products.

How Business on Board (BoB) operates Upon registration to Business on Board (BoB), your company receives a unique code, for the administration of the account. Since the very first day, you earn 1 mile for every 1euro spent on Olympic Air tickets. The more you select Olympic Air for your trips, the more you earn. Miles ratio can raise up to 7 miles for every euro spent, during the 12 month period from the registration date. Your miles can be redeemed in award trips, within the running year, while the euro expenditure continuous to count cumulatively.

How you win your points Miles are only applicable on Olympic Air flight (not for combined journeys with other carriers), the points are been loaded to the miles card within 3-8 weeks after your trip.

BOB - How to win double miles on your business trips with Olympic Air

There more you fly the better it gets! Here’s an example of how the conversion of mile/euro is calculated. It increases along as your purchases goes, as follows:

From To Miles Conversion
0€ 36.000€ 1
36.001€ 72.000€ 2
72.001€ 108.000€ 3
108.001€ 144.000€ 4
144.001€ 200.000€ 5
200.001€ 500.000€ 6
500.001€ 2.000.000€ 7

Example If a company has an annual traffic of that reaches the sum of 126.000€. Through Business on Board (BoB) wins 287.991 Miles:

Account Transaction Euros x Miles conversion Miles Total
Up to 36.000€ 36.000€ x 1 36.000
36.001€ –   72.000€ 35.999€ x 2 71.998
72.001€ –  108.000€ 35.999€ x 3 107.997
108.001€ –  126.000€ 17.999€ x 4 71.996
Total 287.991

The total of miles that this example got is for 52 domestic sectors or 26 International sectors of Olympic Air flights.

How you can redeem your miles With Business on Board (BoB), all miles that are on the company’s account card can be easily redeemed for tickets for all Olympic Air destinations and seat classes. This exchange can be made anytime during the season without affecting the total sum of your points.

Company Registration

Your company’s registration to Business on Board (BoB), can be done easily just by filling out the application form that you may find by clicking at the bellow link and faxing it over to (+30) 2810 343740 all the rest is been taken care of by Airquest Travel Services .


Application Form for Olympic Air program BUSINESS ON BOARD (BoB)


Contact Airquest Travel Services about Business on Board Feel free to contact Airquest Travel Services about Business on Board (BoB) by calling at (+30) 2810 343720 or alternatively by sending an e-mail by clicking HERE


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