A greek village in Europe’s best hidden gems


Which greek village is in the 3rd place of the best hidden gems of Europe for 2016; Probably you never heard of it!

Among many colorful places in Europe and its thousands hidden treasures, the organization Best European Destinations picked village Kokkari on the island of Samos, as the 3rd destination on the list of Europe’s best hidden gems for 2016.



This list is published annually with the best places to visit in Europe.

In the presentation, Samos is described as “The island ruled by legend and beauty. It is the island of the father of mathematics, Pythagoras, the astronomer Aristarchus and the philosopher Epicurus. It is the home of Hera and the land that hosted Herodotus and Aesop.

An important centre of trade in the Aegean and a major naval force in antiquity, it came into contact with important Mediterranean cultures. Samos is a place of overwhelming vegetation. Everything around the virgin landscape is made of color and light. Each step one takes is a revelation. Whether in the imposing mountains, such as Mt. Kerkis and Mt. Ambelos – with alpine winter temperatures and endless rain – or in caves and canyons, the environment of Samos reminds one of the Greek hinterland in miniature”.(©Visit Greece)

The photos from the beautiful Kokkari Samos absolutely justifies the above description.

The village is located 10 kilometers northwest of the town of Samos, and according to the 2011 census it has a population of 1,060 inhabitants.

Kokkari was built in the early 19th century and according to the prevailing version, its name was given due to the extensive cultivation of “Kokkari” (species of small onion) in the area.

The main occupation of the inhabitants of Kokkari is tourism, as the village is one of the most popular tourist villages of Samos.

Main attraction of Kokkari are the well-preserved old houses, the small harbor and the beaches that surround it.

Source: The TOC

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