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Venice (Italy) New Hotel Tax Breakdown

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Venice (Italy) New Hotel Tax Breakdown

As from August, 27th 2011 the city of Venice has applied the special tourist taxes. Like the taxes in Rome and Florence, the hotel tax in Venice is also partly based on how many stars a hotel has (more stars means a higher per-night tax). In Venice, however, there are added complexities to how much you’ll pay per night. The factors that go into how much the per-night tax in Venice will be are:

•  Location of hotel – The highest tax rate is reserved for the historic center of Venice (including the Giudecca). A slightly lower rate is applied to the Lido and the lagoon islands (such as Murano, Burano, and Torcello), and a lower rate still is applied to the mainland.
• “Rating” of hotel – This refers to how many stars the accommodation has. There are star-ratings for hotels and campsites, and vacation rentals are broken into 3 levels they simply call “categories”.
•   Dates of your stay – The “high season” tax costs more per-night than the “low season” tax.

It’s kind of confusing, so hopefully this chart will help you figure out what you’ll pay per person/per night for the various accommodation options in Venice. Be sure to read the additional information below the chart, too.

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